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Effectiveness Monitoring

Effectiveness monitoring addresses the question of how successful a project ultimately is at restoring the ecosystem or component parts. It involves assessing restoration progress in relation to initial objectives, and refining treatment prescriptions, where required, to increase their effectiveness.

Monitoring of the riparian restoration began in September 2021 and is ongoing.

Fall 2021 Riparian Planting Monitoring

This paper summarizes the results from the Fall 2021 effectiveness monitoring which evaluated the success of the Spring 2021 riparian planting. The plants were evaluated in terms of survival, condition, and growth, as well as root egress and root development.

2022 Effectiveness Monitoring and Site Repair

This paper summarizes the works completed during the 2022 season, including:

  • Spring live staking

  • Photographic and observational monitoring of the 2021 restoration sites at various water level

  • Identification and correction of problem areas on two of the 2021 HWI restoration sites

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